AABA is very sad to report the death of Barrie Chapman, former director of the Manchester based J.S. Bass Group of Companies.  Barrie had been ill for some time with cancer and passed away on 13 August 2010, peacefully at home.

Barrie and his family's life was turned upside down one afternoon in 1988 when accountants from a Big Four firm, acting as reporting accountants for a bank, arrived unexpectedly. Within a short period they recommended administration and liquidation of his companies and the same accountancy firm became the liquidators. Barrie found many irregularities in their conduct and complained to the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW), but to no avail. Meanwhile insolvency practitioners collected vast sums as fees. Some details of his case were published in an AABA monograph and have also been the subject of numerous press articles, radio and TV programmes. Details of his case were the subject of an Adjournment Debate in the House of Commons on 15 July 1997 and discussed again on 24 October 2000.

As Barrie fought the firms and insolvency regulators, he also became aware of many other victims of the insolvency industry. Barrie fought for justice for all and was ably aided by Austin Mitchell MP and the late Professor Tony Christer (some details of Tony's involvement are documented in a book chapter).

Barrie never gave up and always hoped that one day good sense will prevail and someone with check the predatory practices of accountancy firms because they destroyed homes, jobs, lives and families
. Accountancy firms have stripped many innocent people of their savings and investments. Alas, Barrie did not live long enough to see reforms but has galvanised many others who are working tirelessly to bring the insolvency industry to book. Their fight will continue to be guided by Barrie's spirit and tenacity. He will be sadly missed by all.