Have you noticed how auditors shirk their responsibilities? They preach accountability to everyone else but accept little, except collecting their fees. The long suffering public is not given any sight of auditor working papers. Most work is done by unqualified trainees  who admit to falsifying audit work. Would you really take out stakeholder pension and invest your savings in companies with the full knowledge that auditors are in collusion with the management. Auditors don't owe a 'duty of care' to any individual current/potential investor, creditor, emplpoyee, bank depositor, pension scheme member of any other stakeholder. This hardly gives them an incentive to do good audits.

Auditors use audits as a loss leader to secure consultancy income. This gives them every incentive to dilute audit work. As long as a company continues to survive, poor audit practices are glossed over. Do you really want to take a chance and rely on current practices. We believe that the public deserves better. So here are some practical suggestions for protecting yourself.