says ACCA member

When you give a secretariat millions of £ in subscription income and award  them telephone number salaries, it is inevitable you get ferocious tigers!

So why does ACCA take or deserve such a vast subscription income when all  they are required to do is run a secretariat for members and set exams so  that only a restricted number of students pass? Someone famous said "Voters  get the government they deserve" and that is precisely what the apathetic proxy-vote has done. So, why do ACCA members now feel aggrieved when they
see the fruits of what they have sown? To restore the balance, the annual subscription for ACCA's members should be halved straight away and ACCA's leadership somehow humbled to what they are supposed to be, just servants of  ACCA's hard-working professionals.

Jaffer Manek FCCA FCEA, London, UK