The exam  plagiarism fiasco (exclusively reported here) has had a number of repercussions. Firstly, Malaysian members starting uncomfortable questions about the ACCA. So the Stalinist politburo controlling the ACCA pulled the plug on the Malaysian Forum (run on the ACCA website). Thus Malaysian members have been virtually left speechless. Now the Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA) has responded by cancelling its examinations arrangements with ACCA. MIA will set its own exams. It is refining its syllabus with advice from Michael Harvey, a former ACCA President.

ACCA's presence in Malaysia is only motivated by money. If it wanted to help then it should have enabled the local bodies to be 'free-standing'. But ACCA is not interested in this. ACCA's Malaysian members are there to swell numbers and revenues. They get little in return.

The ACCA leadership has also prevented Malaysian members from tabling a resolution at the May 1999 AGM. For far too long Malaysian members have played second fiddle to the UK interests. Now only one road is open. Before too long, most Malaysian members are likely to walk away from ACCA and join one of their local bodies.

AABA supports moves from independence and self-reliance. Malaysia is an independent country, but ACCA has continued with colonial business by subverting independence, self-reliance and dignity of the Malaysian people. Prior to May 1996, ACCA did not have any Malaysian representative on its Council. It could have enabled Malaysians to have an autonomous accountancy body, but ACCA officials chose to have a toothless 'International Assembly' which gives Malaysians absolutely no power at all. All the while nationalism has been gathering pace in Malaysia. The plagiarism issue has made the breakaway inevitable.