ACCA Council member Tony Cruse has resigned in disgust at the coup against President-elect Ray Gardiner. Cruse is said to be angry at the power enjoyed by the 'inner Council' and witch-hunts organized by Chief Executive Anthea Rose.

The 'inner council' ruling the ACCA organized a coup against Ray Gardiner who was given a vote of no confidence on 6th May. However, the usual secrecy continues. By today (11th May 1999) ACCA had still not explained the reasons for the coup. There is no press release and no statement on the ACCA web site. At the ACCA AGM on 6th May, angry members demanded an explanation from the outgoing President Michael Foulds but Foulds gave no answers and refused to field any questions.

A senior person from within the ACCA headquarters said that s/he was "disgusted" by the whole affair. "Senior people don't give a damn about members, they are in it just for themselves. They are power crazy and would go to any length to hurt decent people. It is the Chief Executive and the leadership who should be in the dock explaining their conduct".