ACCA students continue to be a lucrative source of revenues. The annual accounts for the year 2000 show that the ACCA made more that £5 million out of its students. ACCA has never explained why students from China were/are subsidised but those from many poorer developing countries continue to be exploited.


Examination and Exemption Fees      12,156
Examination Costs                             (7,877)
Surplus on Technician Qualifications   840
Surplus before central overheads       5,119

Most ACCA students are also wasting their money. ACCA boasts around 170,000 students, but only around 8-10,000 passes its final examinations every year. Most are never destined to qualify. Most rarely pass all the exams at the first attempt. Those unable to pass the exams should be weeded out at the earliest opportunity, but this does not happen. ACCA has now got used to milking students.