ACCA Members show no confidence in  the leadership

ACCA's council election processes are a sham. No matter what the membership decides the leadership overrides it by casting hundreds of votes. So the only way to register a protest is to ignore the election altogether.

The AGM held on 8 May 2003 heard that out of a membership of over 90,000 only 5,655 members (6.28%) voted, this includes the 844 votes cast by president

Members were asked to elect individuals to 11 council seats. The highest vote of 3,458 (3.84%) was recorded by Jacqueline Cole. The 11th spot was filled by Valerie Culley with 2,804 votes (3.04%).  In any decent organisation an election result with this low turnout and vote would be declared 'void'.  But not at ACCA. The leadership and its cronies now have no moral mandate to govern, claim expenses, travel the world or make any decisions.

By some perverse logic, ACCA President Jonathan Beckerlegge told that AGM that the low turnout indicated that the membership was satisfied with leadership's policies. When asked by Prem Sikka to provide any evidence to support this assertion, Beckerlegge was unable to, possibly because his speech writers had not anticipated the question.

Any observer of politics knows that people boycott polls because they have no confidence in the system, its integrity, honesty or sincerity. ACCA members are right to boycott council elections. There is nothing on offer.

ACCA council election's are a sham designed to provide a veneer of respectability to unsavoury practices. Members are right to boycott them.