ACCA has 70,000 worldwide members and are not allowed to directly elect any officeholders. The ACCA is run on a colonial model with control resting in London. Rather than decentralizing and permitting members to run the local profession to meet local needs, ACCA's management has hoisted the  International Assembly upon members. It has no powers and serves no purpose. Its membership is not entirely elected as the Head office appoints a number of its members. Some of the candidates (see below) for the 2000 election had prior relationship with ACCA management. There is no Register of International Assembly Members' interests. The ACCA management treats the Association as a private fiefdom and ensures that its stooges get elected.

ACCA management could not get enough people to come forward and stand for elections. Only six jurisdictions could hold elections. Members do not support the Assembly. 70,000 members were invited to vote at a cost of around £70,000. Only 2,200 voted. Due to special circumstances, the voting in Malaysia was heavy and accounted for 1,464 (67%) of all the votes cast.


  Christopher Campbell         67 votes
  James Woodward               62 votes


  Abdul Rahim Hamid         891 votes
  Yong Phie Loong              573 votes


  Vinod Bussawah             293 votes
  Deelchand Jeeha               48 votes

  Middle East

  Nasser al-Mugheiry         47 votes
  M O A R Medani             39 votes


  Roy Castleton                 71 votes
  George Thomas              70 votes


  Michael Gora                 11 votes
  George Varghese             7 Votes

 The annual cost of hosting the International Assembly meeting, flight costs, hotels for Assembly members and their spouses adds up to more than £80,000. At a total cost of £150,000 the Assembly serves no useful purpose whatsoever. ACCA members can think of more useful ways of spending money!

Only a decentralized ACCA can enable members to run the Association in their own interests. But the ACCA management is not going to let go. How long will the non-Uk members continue to be treated as inferior and accept the colonial rule from London?