Not content with the Soviet-style censorship of the ACCA's in-house magazine and the silencing of the ACCA's internet forum, ACCA officials are now looking at ways of silencing AABA. More than 1,000 people a day are now visiting our web site, including ACCA officials.

In a note dated 30th April and tabled at the 6th May Council meeting, ACCA chief executive, Anthea Rose, says that she is seeking legal advice and looking for ways of silencing AABA. She alleges defamatory statements. This is rich coming from someone who continues to make libelous and defamatory statements about Professor Sikka. The latest is the 30th April 1999 note and the bulging file on Professor Sikka.

AABA will vigorously defend any attempt to silence it.  We will continue to provide 'uncensored' ACCA news.

Why do the ACCA officials not devote their energies to making the Association open, democratic and accountable?