As ACCA members know the ACCA leadership is facing an EGM, organized by Anthony Thomas, on 17th February 2000 with a vote of  "no confidence". So the leadership is deciding the tactics for its warfare to save its skins. ACCA council has prepared a statement urging members to vote against the resolution. However, in a calculated insult to Malaysia, the ACCA leadership did not consult the Malaysian representative. Nor has he been given a sight of the statement or been invited to comment upon it.

The Malaysian representative has been deliberately singled out for this insult. An 'insider' told AABA that the leadership is punishing Malaysia because a large number of Malaysians have signed the call for the EGM. Judging by the e-mails received by AABA, it is clear that many signatories from Malaysia, Singapore, USA, Canada and UK downloaded their forms from the AABA web site.

The ACCA leadership has always treated Malaysians as second class and an easy source of money. Previously, the leadership pulled-the-plug on the Malaysian internet site to prevent Malaysians from airing alternative views. In 1998, it closed ACCA office in Malaysia and sacked personnel without any consultation because they wanted the ACCA to take account of the Malaysian circumstances in making its decisions. ACCA leadership also prevented Malaysian members from tabling a motion at the 1999 AGM. Now the matters have become even worse.

An 'insider' told AABA, "How long can the Malaysians continue to be part of ACCA ..... this has to be the final straw ..... We are amazed that they still continue to put up with all the insults ..... ACCA council is full of  'yes' men and none have the principle to stand up and question anything".

AABA has urged and will continue to urge all overseas members to break away from the imperialist London-based ACCA and form their own indigenous accountancy bodies, able to take full account of their local social needs. ACCA is not interested in enabling overseas members to develop the appropriate infrastructure for their needs. Instead, it encourages dependency. All it wants is their money and people who will just pay-up and shut-up.

 It should be recalled that prior to the EGM organized in 1995 by Prem Sikka, ACCA council was entirely UK based. The 1995 EGM raised some uncomfortable questions about ACCA's imperialism. But ACCA's leadership still believes in colonial days and decides which council members can participate in decision making.