ACCA Chief Executive has very kindly provided further evidence to show that she is using ACCA resources to conduct a personal vendetta against ACCA member, Professor Prem Sikka.

Previously Sikka's employers have been pressurized. Anthea Rose has also written to and urged Accountancy Age editor to reject any articles and letters from Sikka. She has also written to other newspaper and magazines to silence alternative voices. The latest evidence comes from a press release issued on 6th May 1999.

Twenty candidates contested ten seats for the 1999 ACCA Council election. Inevitably, ten candidates were unsuccessful. One of these was Sikka. Anthea Rose issued a press release which did not list the ten unsuccessful candidates or commented on their share of votes. Instead, she, for the reasons best known to herself, only singled out Prem Sikka. This is hardly professional.

The press release (full text is shown below) stated, "Among those unsuccessful this year was long standing candidate Professor Prem Sikka whose vote was significantly reduced on previous elections". No attempt is made to list the other candidates or their share of votes.
Mrs. Rose has been asked to explain the reasons for targeting just one candidate, but so far no reply has been received.

It should be recalled that Sikka stood for elections in accordance with ACCA bye-laws and exercised his right to make representations to ACCA members. Mrs. Rose (not elected by ACCA members) obviously intends to dissuade some people from exercising their democratic right.

Serious minded journalists have been disgusted by ACCA's dirty tactics. Its latest dirty trick has persuaded journalists to contact Sikka to express their disgust at the unprofessional and unethical conduct of Anthea Rose. They said that  "ACCA is run by thugs and lunatics", "ACCA is unprofessional", "all they want to do is to silence demands for reform", "I can't take ACCA rantings seriously", "this organization [ACCA] has no sense of decency or fair play".

AABA awaits Anthea Rose's next dirty trick and it will be posted on these pages.


                         Five new members elected to ACCA


                         Five new members of the Council of the Association of Chartered
                         Certified Accountants (ACCA) were declared elected today. They are
                         joined by five existing Council members who were re-elected in the
                         same ballot which took place during April.

                         Heading the list was Samuel Wong, Chairman of ACCA Hong Kong
                         and a partner in Ernst & Young. Other newcomers to Council are:
                         Gerald Andrews (Finance and Resources Director at the NEC
                         Group), David Finch (Group Finance Director at Spaldings Limited),
                         Christopher Forster (Vice President and Compliance Officer, Chase
                         Manhattan Bank) and Mark Gold (a Senior Partner, Silver Levene).

                         Those returning to Council are this year's Deputy President Moyra
                         Kedslie; David Defty, former Group Finance Director of Sears; ACCA
                         Past President David Leonard; Aulous Madden, who is Senior
                         Partner of Aulous F Madden & Company, in Kingston, Jamaica; and
                         Soon Kwai Choy, Managing Director of Ceanet Advanced
                         Technologies in Kuala Lumpur

                         Among those unsuccessful this year was long standing candidate
                         Professor Prem Sikka whose vote was significantly reduced on
                         previous elections.