ACCA's propaganda machine tells the world that it has members and students in 160 countries. But does it really want to hear from them?

In the old colonial model of 'rule from London', the ACCA empire is run from London. AGMs are in London, administration is in London and London's worldview decides the policies that the rest of the empire has to follow.

Students have no representation on ACCA Council. The ACCA council is dominated by UK members who form around 50% of the total membership. ACCA claims to have more than 75,000 members but refuses to publish a geographical composition of its membership. Out of 160 countries, only 6 countries are represented on ACCA Council. These are UK (membership 38,614), Ireland (membership 3871), Hong Kong (membership 11,138), Malaysia (membership 4,601), Jamaica (membership 622) and Australia (membership 847).

ACCA council is also unrepresentative of the ethnic mix of its membership. Nearly 50% of the UK membership is non-white, but ACCA has only on non-white UK-based member on its council.