ACCA has been running a two-tier membership for years. Under this most of the ACCA resources are devoted to the regulation of a small number of members in public practice. Members in industry and commerce get little for their subscriptions. They end up subsidizing the public practice wing

The public practice wing dominates the council (more than 50% of the seats) and major committees. Now ACCA has decided to go one stage further and deny essential information to members in industry and commerce.

Most members have received a letter from Peter Large (Head of Members' Affairs Division). In it Mr. Large says that a copy of the ACCA Rulebook has been automatically mailed to all members holding practising certificates. But those not in public practice have to specially write in to ask for a copy. Are members in industry and commerce not entitled to ACCA rules and constitution?

ACCA makes no apology for treating members from industry and commerce as second class, or for making them jump through extra hoops. No one has ever authorized the ACCA leadership to treat members in industry and commerce as second class.  If ACCA management has decided to create a two-tier membership, then  those asked to jump through additional hoops should pay a lower subscription.