Once again ACCA's controllers have produced incomplete minutes of the AGM (Click here to see the official AGM minutes). The 2001 AGM was held on 10th May 2001. Once again members raised questions about the absence of  the library which ACCA's royal charter requires it to provide. AGM minutes do not mention this. The same topic was raised at the 2000 AGM, but the minutes did not mention it. At the 2001 AGM the outgoing President assured the meeting that the AGM minutes will mention it but they have not.

The AGM also heard the arguments put forward by Tony Thorne in support of his 2001 resolution. The AGM minutes make no mention of this. Indeed, there is no mention of any of the questions raised by members. It is a though members silently file into the meeting place, listen to the self-promotion speeches of the officheolders, ask no questions and then go away.

As usual the Stalinist Tendency ruling ACCA ensures that only the minimalist information goes to members. Why does it fear democracy, discussion, debate or  the comprehensive provision of information (ACCA has a web site - so the cost is negligible)? Answers on a postcard please to the ACCA President.

ACCA members will get nowhere and their pockets will continue to picked until the day they elect the officeholders and the chief executive. ACCA's controllers would not want this on any account.