ACCA's management and Council have hatched a plan to disband all functional and district societies. Currently, all have elected Committee's and Presidents. This enables the members to organize their functional and district societies in the manner that they see fit. However, the ACCA H.Q. wants to replace all elected officials with its own nominees. everything would be centralized and the control will be with unelected officials.

Previously, ACCA adopted similar tactics in Malaysia and this has led to considerable anger and unrest. Now the same is set to be repeated in the UK. ACCA Council has not secured a mandate for change from members. Members have not been consulted. The latest episode is another chapter in the erosion of member influence.

AABA some concerned members to fight to retain their control on the ACCA. However, they will not be able to secure any space for their arguments in the official magazine. Nor will they be able to muster the huge financial resources to counter the leadership's propaganda. AABA will be willing to give concerned members a platform to raise their concerns.