Average ACCA member struggles on trying to make a decent leaving. However, ACCA fat cats continue to get fatter even without ever sitting ACCA exams.

A good example of this is the ACCA chief executive. The 2005 annual accounts shows that during the year his salary and benefits went up from £196,324 to £246,751, a staggering 26% increase of £50,427, which is more than what most ACCA members earn in a year. ACCA also paid £31,269 for his spouse to accompany him on world travels.

Other directors have their snouts in the gravy trough as well. Their numbers keep on growing. Now there is a Chief executive,  three managing directors and four executive directors. Their collective salary and benefits increased from £929,120 (for 2004) to £1,188, 468, representing an increase of £259,348 or  28%.  All this for providing virtually no services to members.

ACCA has a history of opposing the national minimum wage in the UK, which could give workers some bare essentials. ACCA leadership feels no shame for pursuing such policies but continues to fill its pockets.

ACCA income from members is virtually risk free and students continue to be exploited. Many never pass their exams but fill the ACCA's coffers.

At all UK companies, shareholders can vote on management salaries and question the performance of the chief executive. But this is not permitted at ACCA AGM, as the unelected leadership and officialdom does not  want any questions raised about its gravy train. The item is never on the agenda. There is no "Any Other Business" and members cannot raise the question.