Every year Buckingham Palace hands out awards (OBE, CBE, MBE, knight hoods etc.) to the good and the not so great. Accountancy profession has also got used to receiving its fair share of the awards.

However, one accountancy body is conspicuously absent from the list of award winners. That body is ACCA. The last person to receive any sort of award was Michael Foulds, long before he became the 1998/99 President. It is noticeable that since Anthea Rose became the ACCA chief executive, the awards to ACCA officials have dried up. Anthea Rose' s charm offensive has been directly responsible for Parliamentary motions critical of ACCA. In 1996 Buckingham Palace also refused the Association's application for the change of its name. The leadership's policies of censorship, secrecy and targeting any critics by launching hate campaigns and threatening their employers has not endeared it to Buckingham Palace either.

ACCA is now isolated. None its officials have received any gongs. The in-house magazine and the Presidential speeches are full of self-congratulatory articles. None have explained the displeasure of Buckingham Palace. No doubt, the Lincoln's Inn spin-doctors are working on some face saving propaganda.

Before, the 1997 general election ACCA could not even get access to senior opposition politicians. This situation persuaded Anthea Rose and then President John Moore to make attempts to hire Austin Mitchell MP as a lobbyist. Austin Mitchell, a well known critic of the Association,  refused to lobby for the Association.