Racism is deeply institutionalized at ACCA.  Its officeholders, chief executives and directors have always been white and from the UK. Nearly 50% of the ACCA membership is outside the UK. 50% of its UK membership is non-white.  But ACCA council is totally unrepresentative of the composition of its membership.

For the 2000 council elections, 24 candidates contested 12 seats. 5,356 members (around 7% of the membership) returned their ballot papers. Members could vote for up to 12 candidates by placing a cross (X) against their names. A total of 41,038 (5,356 X 12) votes were cast. The ACCA leadership completed 617 ballot papers, resulting in possibly 7,404 (617 X 12) votes, or 18.04 % of the total vote. This block vote enables the leadership to make its “appointments”. So what is the basis on which the leadership allocates its “block vote”? (SEE OUR PREVIOUS ITEM ACCA LEADERSHIP TO KEEP OUT ETHNIC MINORITIES AND NON-UK MEMBERS (28 April 2000))

The results of the 2000 Council elections show that only white persons have been elected. No member from outside the UK has been elected. Individuals from Malaysia, Mauritius, Canada, Greece and Zimbabwe failed to get elected. Despite previous assurances from the leadership, two Singaporean also failed to be elected. No non-white person from within the UK has been elected. Such a clinical result is not achieved by accident. It is the outcome of racist policies which have been deeply normalized within the ACCA. This is self-evident from the results of the council elections.

The result is that the 36 person ACCA council has the following composition:

Membership from the UK: White            30
                                        Non-white           1
Membership from outside the UK             5
                                            Total            36

Like the US Southern plantations, the ACCA of course ensures that there is a token ‘black’ person from the UK.

At the AGM held on 4th May, Prem Sikka commented on the racial basis of the the election result. The ACCA leadership did not respond. It continues to fool people with rhetoric of ‘global’. It wants members’ monies for its crazy business ideas. But all members are not equally represented.

When are the members going to wake up? When will the Singaporeans learn that no matter how much they dance to the tunes of the leadership, this will not change institutionalized racism at ACCA.