Ross Midgley - Still at ACCA

We at AABA know that ACCA is a frequent visitor to our web site and on occasions our items also form part of the discussions and paranoid at ACCA. Unlike ACCA, we also believe in freedom of information and freely publish information. Since the publication of our item (click here ) about the departure of  ACCA finance director
Ross Midgley has been in touch to say that he is still at the Association though wearing a different hat.

Midgley wrote, " I'm sorry to disappoint you, but I am still very much here - fanfare or no fanfare.  I am simply moving - at my own choice, after eight years as FD - into a policy role, especially in relation to regulation, where I am sure we can continue to cross swords!   I was fascinated to see how rapidly your web site transformed me from establishment lackey to dissident.  Perhaps you would now reinstate me in the former role by publishing this note".

We also published Midgley's 23 page memo on the financial problems at ACCA, but he has remained silent on that. Now we wonder whether Midgley has any clout to persuade the ACCA to be open. Its in-house rag continues to be censored and rarely publishes anything critical of the ACCA's controllers. So come on Ross show us what you are made of!!