The Private Fiefdom of ACCA: No Democracy at ACCA
Support 2015 AGM Resolutions - Reclaim the Association


ACCA hierarchy barely tolerates its members. Members are treated as money making machines and hardly receive any worthwhile services. The official magazine is poor and is basically a propaganda sheet for the officialdom. It has glossy pages but no critical opinions or even a discussion about where ACCA should go.

A major reason for neglect of members is that they have no say in operations and policies of the Association. Here are some examples:

The 2015 AGM resolutions by members provide an opportunity to members to reclaim the Association.  Members  are asked to support the resolutions and create a democratic and accountable Association that is fit for the 21st century.

As always, the unelected leadership will oppose change. Members should also show their anger by rejecting the annual accounts and report.