On 16th September 1999 even before the ACCA council finished its meeting, we told that world  that ACCA was being pushed out of IFAC (click here to see the item). In response of this exclusive revelation, ACCA was forced to to issue a press release on  20th September 1999. Used to keeping members in the dark, the ACCA bureaucrats conducted an internal investigation and naturally that did not reveal anything.

It is not that the IFAC or the CCAB have anything against ACCA. The reality is ACCA is not equipped to do anything at an international stage. It can't even get recognition for its qualifications in Canada and USA. The debate in ACCA is stifled. Members are silenced through threats and censorship. Anyone speaking their mind is removed from council.

Let us look at the ACCA council.

So the marginalisation of ACCA at the CCAB and the IFAC is the inevitable consequence of the narrow policies pursued. With around 30,000 UK members ACCA is not a big player on the UK scene either. ACCA's management has no independent strategy and ACCA council lacks independent thinkers. Have you ever read any research report written by any of them? Without fundamental reform of its governance, ACCA's influence will be marginal. The chief executive will probably retire on a pension of £200,000 per annum. What will ACCA members do?