ACCA Ashamed of its Non-UK Membership

ACCA boasts nearly 89,000 members in over 130 countries. But it refuses to publish a list showing the number of members in each country. What is it hiding?

The non-UK members now exceed 50%. They provide 59% of the ACCA’s income (see below), but do not have a similar representation on council or various committees.

                              Fees and              Other
                          Subscriptions          Income           Total
                               £000s               £000s                £000s

UK                     8,505  (43%)    8,384 (40%)        16,889 (41%)
Non-UK           11,417  (57%)   12,714 (60%)       24,131 (59%)
                         19,922 (100%)  21,098                  41,020 (100%)

Information obtained by AABA shows that only around a dozen countries have more than 1,000 members. As a result ACCA does not have political influence anywhere. In the UK, it hardly has any influence, as evidenced by the raising of the small company audit thresholds in the UK.

Around 50% of the ACCA’s UK membership is non-white, but it does not have the same representation on council, directorships or other structures. The underrepresentation of ethnic minorities and non-UK members is not by accident.