ACCA claims that it has members in more than 130 countries. Currently, there are two AGM motions that seek to require the signatures of 360 or 720 members to requisition an EGM. Currently, the number of signatures needed is 100.

The AGM papers make it clear that the leadership wants to raise the EGM signatories from 100 to 360 or 720. So the question is how many countries have more than 360 or 720 ACCA members.

AABA analysis shows that only about 10 countries have more than 720 members and a dozen countries have more than 360 members. This means that even if all the ACCA members in some countries sign the EGM requisition they cannot call an EGM. Some democracy!!

Of course, ACCA can provide the exact data. Professor Prem Sikka asked the Head of ACCA Secretariat, Michael Sleigh, to provide the information. See the replies below and note that ACCA does not wish to provide the information.

Why does the ACCA not want members to have the information and thus enable them to make appropriate choices?
March 31, 2000.

Dear Mr. Sleigh,

The 1999 annual report does not provide an analysis of the ACCA  membership by each country. As ACCA now has members in more than 130 countries I would be very grateful to receive a list showing the number of members in each country.

Thank you for your help.

Yours sincerely

Prem Sikka

3rd April 2000

Dear Professor Sikka

With reference to your e-mail, I am afraid that ACCA does not publish the information you are seeking.

Yours sincerely

Michael Sleigh