(Letters Page, Accountancy Age, 30 March 2000, p. 19)

ACCA should allow internet Whilst I have frequently disagreed with Prem Sikka on his previous positions with regards to ACCA elections, I find myself very supportive of his wish to be allowed to promote his candidacy for ACCA Council elections on the internet.

My reasoning is that ACCA has actively promoted its own website and the internet as a means of communication and it seems somewhat of a contradiction to now stop a candidate from using the available technology. Members should also question whether they would want council representatives who haven't embraced the new technology.

After all, ACCA consistently promotes itself as wishing to be at the forefront of the accountancy profession and the internet will clearly play a large role in the future.

With regards to controlling the content of election messages, ACCA should respect the fact that its members have been intelligent enough to qualify and therefore we are able to separate fact from fiction and arrive atreasoned voting decisions.

I would agree that defamatory statements should be discouraged but in the end members will see through such comments for what they are.

As a member of ACCA, I am unhappy at the constant bickering and squabbling that goes on between council and disgruntled members. These public arguments only serve to belittle the association and damage its reputation.

John A Eddleston ACCA, Lancashire