ACCA Students Subsidise the Association for £6.5 million

ACCA leadership continues to pick the pockets of students.  It boasts 185,392 students but does not tell them that most of them are extremely unlikely to ever qualify.

ACCA remains quiet about the percentage of students who qualify within five years of  taking their first exam or the number who pass all their exams at the first attempts. ‘Insiders’ have informed AABA that less than 20% of students pass all their exams at the first attempt. Many are making umpteen attempts and will never qualify. They are not told that countries such as the USA, Canada and Australia do not recognize ACCA qualifications.

The majority of students are from outside the UK and by enrolling for ACCA exams they are furthering an imperialist project which will make their countries dependent upon the Western accountancy bodies. They are also creating foreign exchange problems for their countries. If students from Malaysia, Singapore, China and the Caribbean don't take pride in their own education system or their own national institutions, they should not be surprised to learn that Westerners do not have much respect for their governments and institutions. The ACCA’s prime mission is to expand its jurisdiction and it is less concerned about the creation of suitable social infrastructure in other countries.

ACCA welcomes students because generate millions for its leaders. The surpluses (before allocation of central overheads) are as follows:

                                                        2001          2000
                                                        £000s        £000s

Certified Diploma                                65         139
Examinations and Exemptions         5,034      4,279
Technician Qualification                  1,451         840
                                                      6,550     5,258

In return students don't even get a library facility.