Under the Insolvency Act 1986 ACCA is a regulator of the insolvency industry. Currently, the Insolvency Bill 2000 is going through Parliament. It has already completed its House of Lords' stages and had its Second Reading in the House of Commons last week, It enters the Committee stages (where each clause is discussed) tomorrow (31 October 2000). The Bill was also the basis of a pre-legislative scrutiny by the House of Commons Trade & Industry Select Committee.

Despite being a regulator , the ACCA did not make any representation to the Trade & Industry Select Committee. The ICAEW made representations. ACCA's  public relations blurb claims that its next President, George Auger, is an insolvency expert. Even more strange then that ACCA has made no representations. Such matters should be under scrutiny by ACCA's management and Council. But they are not. Can anyone have any confidence in the way ACCA is run?