In classic imperialist fashion, ACCA is going full speed ahead with colonizing China. Having subsidized students there for years the ACCA is now set for further expansion.

The next step is to seduce Chinese students by setting exam papers in Chinese language. The main motive is money. As evidenced by the small company audit abolition proposals, ACCA is failing to impress the UK policymakers. With members scattered all over the world, ACCA does not have sizeable number of members in any country and is unlikely to be able to influence policymakers anywhere.

The expansion in China, if it materializes, will make the Chinese accountants dependent upon the UK. The dependency will not enable them to develop the local infrastructure or find solutions to problems that are consistent with local history, culture and institutional arrangements. The result will be a new kind of slavery. Chairman Mao's long march was driven by the need to drive Western imperialism out. Many Chinese lost their lives. But now imperialism is resurfacing under the guise of economic aid and accountancy qualifications. If the Chinese cannot take pride in their own institutional structures and their own abilities to run an accountancy profession, they should not be surprised if Westerners do not hold their achievements in high regard.