Have you seen the latest results of the ACCA exams? They show that for the June 2000 diet some 4,123 students passed compared to 3,919 in December 1999. So around 8,000 students a year are passing the exams. ACCA boasts that it has more than 170,000 students. You don't need to be a genius to work out that on average this student population will take 20 years to pass the final exams. Yet ACCA is raking in money from students by giving them false hopes.

How many students pass all their exams at the first attempt? Strangely, ACCA remains quiet on this subject. We estimate that around 10% of the students pass their exams at the first attempt. Any UK University with such a high failure rate would be shut-down but ACCA continues in its merry way.

Most students have no chance of passing ACCA exams. Not because they are not capable but because ACCA exams are inappropriate for accountants and managers. Poor students should be weeded at the earliest stages. But they continue to be given false hopes. All because ACCA makes money from students all over the world to subsidize the services to its members.

ACCA can't even get recognition for its qualification in the USA, Australia, Canada and South Africa. The US authorities regard ACCA exams as sub-degree standard.

Will ACCA come clean?