For years some reformers have urged ACCA to be more open and democratic. The response of the ACCA management has been to attack anyone who does not sing to their tune. That is a major reason why ACCA does not provide lead on anything.

Eventually, this year the ACCA claimed that it will hold 'open' Council meetings. However, ACCA chief executive's permission is needed to attend the meeting. Even then the entire council meeting is not 'open'. Only that part of the meeting concerned with regulatory matters is held in the 'open'. Everything else is behind closed doors.

ACCA members are not permitted to ask any questions. Minutes of council meetings are not available. The whole thing is carefully controlled and orchestrated to give the impression of 'openness' but actually the public is told nothing. Not even the international composition of ACCA membership.

The whole claim of 'openness' is a charade designed to maximise publicity. On 2nd July 2001, the ACCA council is set ti discuss its strategy (does it have any?). The powers to be have decided that for this important meeting, members and public will be excluded. So much for openness at ACCA. What is this meeting going to discuss ? The position of spy satellites, troop movements, national security, or something else so vital that no one must be told. Old habits of secrecy, censorship and enacting charades are not easily going to be displaced at ACCA.