As all ACCA members know, ACCA leadership is highly economical with information. ACCA President's letter (see below) to members in  Malaysia shows that the leadership has been spinning new yarn. A number of things should be noted.

President's Letter to ACCA members in Malaysia

October, 1999

Dear Member

ACCA in Malaysia

You will recall that, at the start of the year, ACCA installed totally new management in its Malaysia Office. This move has proved to be very popular with members and we have received many compliments regarding the professionalism and level of service offered by Nik Roseli and his team.

As part of this general re-organisation and our focus on continuous improvement, ACCA's Council in London has decided to appoint a new advisory committee comprising senior Malaysian members. This committee will be charged with advising Nik Roseli, ACCA's Head of Malaysian Affairs, and Council on all non-operational matters relating to ACCA's affairs in Malaysia. It will be chaired in the first instance by Abdul Rahim Hamid. We intend that the new structures will enable ACCA to deliver better services to, and properly address the needs of all members in Malaysia, as happens in all the other countries where we have an active presence. Please do not hesitate to be in contact with the ACCA office, and in due course, the new advisory committee,
on all ACCA-related matters.

It is possible that you are a member of "ACCA Malaysia" (as far as we are aware, around one quarter of ACCA members resident in Malaysia belong to this body, which is registered under the "Societies" Act). "ACCA Malaysia" will continue to operate in accordance with its constitution and the wishes of its members. It will not, however, be your channel of communication with the Association; in future, this will be the ACCA Office and the advisory committee.

ACCA has a long and proud history in Malaysia. We believe that this latest  development will enable ACCA to continue to make a worthwhile contribution to the profession and the wider business community. And, above all, we want to ensure that we can offer appropriate services and support to all of ACCA  members in Malaysia.

Yours sincerely,

John Brockwell