The £100,000 Bonding Session

Despite regular increases in subscriptions, ACCA members do not get good service and support.
 ACCA members do not receive a hard copy of the list of rules, members list or a  free copy of accounting/auditing standards. ACCA does not provide a library for its members. The cost of providing an internet chat room is very small, but the ACCA does not even provide that.

So where does the money go? In addition to overpaid bureaucrats basking in luxurious offices in city centers, the ACCA has recently spent more than £100,000 on its annual bonding session. Council members and their spouses, together with the bureaucrats and their spouses meet in five-star hotels in London. With accomodation, food and drink for more than 80 people, the cost is more than £100,000. ACCA's magazine and annual report don't say anything about it. The money could be better spent to provide the essential services for members.