The ACCA establishment is well known for holding grudges against its opponents ands going all out to attack them. It has no sense of shame.

At a disciplinary hearing held on 28th November, ACCA found former Deputy-President guilty of professional misconduct. Gardiner was prevented from taking the office of the President when on 6th May 1999, an organised coup ousted him. On 5th July 1999, ACCA President John Brockwell informed Austin Mitchell MP that "ACCA's Council gave careful consideration to the course of action it should take with respect to Ray Gardiner, including the possibility of disciplinary action being brought against him. It decided that disciplinary action was inappropriate".  Despite this statement ACCA hierarchy has continued to pursue its vendetta against Gardiner.

Gardiner did not attend the disciplinary hearing. The disciplinary hearing claimed that Gardiner was careless in the preparation of evidence in support of  Robert Jackson, the then council member who was found guilty of  backdating Norwich Union policy applications to obtain free shares. Gardiner has always denied the charges levied against him. He can appeal against the ACCA decision, but as a person suffering from ill-health he may not do so.