The £4 million subsidy for the ACCA Magazine

ACCA''s magazine ‘Accounting & Business’ is poor value for money. It contains plenty of photos of the self-appointed leadership but little news and analysis of substance. There are no critical articles or letters. No issues are raised about ACCA's governance or accountability of the unelected leadership. The whole thing is carefully censored and only fit for the dustbin.

Some magazines, like Accountancy Age, are sent free to UK accountants. They also make money. Last year, the ICAEW sold its magazine to Croner.CCH in part of a package that will earn £43.5 million over 10 years. The ICAEW will receive £15 million immediately and a further £10 million over 10 years. It will also pay another £1.85 million each year for using the ICAEW branding and logos

But ACCA members subsidise 'Accounting & Business'. Each year, AABA highlights the ACCA folly. so this year, ACCA has not separately revealed this subsiay. Note 3 to the accounts shows that publications and relted services cost £4.046 million. Most that related to the magazine. In the five years of its existence, ACCa members have poured £4 million into subsidising the magazine. It is a poor product and advertisers know it because they shun it.