Many former British colonies have achieved independence from colonial rule. However, most have not achieved the economic, political and intellectual independence to enable them to develop their own social infrastructure.

ACCA has been exploiting the situation by playing a major role in the planned underdevelopment of developing countries. Many former colonies remain dependent upon the ACCA. Rather than encouraging the development of indigenous accountancy bodies, the ACCA has exploited the situation to increase its own revenues.

A small elite in developing countries has sold out their countrymen to new economic imperialism. In return for favors and honors they have made their countries dependent upon ACCA. Are we to imagine that the proud people of former colonies are not capable of organizing and running their own accountancy bodies?

The research by A Marcia Annisette which shows ACCA's role in new economic imperialism in Trinidad and Tobago.If your local library does not have the relevant journals, please ask it to secure  a copy through the inter-library loan facilities.
Annisette, M., (1999). Importing accounting: the case of Trinidad & Tobago, Accounting, Business and Finance History, Vol. 9, pages 103-133.

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