ACCA council members are used to being kept in the dark. They are part-timers and have little time to become really involved. So power is concentrated in the hands of the bureaucrats. But one or two council members are showing signs of waking up and have sent us the information below.

In common with other large scale organisations, ACCA uses the services of news clipping (or media) organisations. It also has a large in-house media and PR operations. They collect news items that mention ACCA. From this a 'media coverage pack' is compiled and circulated to ACCA council members. The sample below  relates to news about the ACCA in The Times Higher Education Supplement (THES),  a weekly UK newspaper related to higher education. The ACCA Media Coverage Pack excludes many items. You are welcome to have a guess at the motives. Perhaps, it is incomeptence, secrecy or something else. Answers on a postcard please to the ACCA President at 21 Lincoln's Inn, London WC2A 3EE.

ITEMS THAT                             DATE               IN THE ACCA
MENTION ACCA                      IN THES           MEDIA PACK?

Is all really well at ACCA?            3 Sep 1999         Yes - but the article
  Click here)                                                            was photocopied at
                                                                               a reduced size

Critical Accounting - a letter
by John Stittle                            10 Sep 1999               Not found

Course is called to account        17 Sep 1999                Not found
- letter by Austin Mitchell MP
(Click here)

ACCA members turn                 24 Sep 1999                  Not found
against senior officers

Degree Account - letter from     24 Sep 1999                  Not found
Oxford Brookes University
(Click here)

Letter from Michael Harvey        1 Oct 1999                  Not found
responding to Austin Mitchell

University bent rules to set        22 Oct 1999                 Not found
up accountancy deal
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Strong-arm advice ACCA        29 Oct 1999                  Yes
meeting called to examine

No ACCA Deal- a letter            3 Dec 1999                   Appeared twice -
from Anthea Rose                                                        in Oct and Nov
                                                                                   media pack

Hull Team reinvestigated        28 January 2000              AABA did not
 (Click Here)                                                                have access to
                                                                                   the latest media