Further details of the ACCA travel scandal have reached AABA.

Whilst many ACCA members travel economy class to keep the costs down, the same is not true of the ACCA officials. The international members of ACCA Council are only allowed to travel club class.   This is one peg lower than the Chief Executive.

For many international flights ACCA Chief Executive is accompanied by her husband who is neither an ACCA member nor an employee. The cost is charged to the Association, effectively to ACCA members. .

The international flights are bought at the full first class rate and give frequent flyer mileage enabling further free travel. Who gets the benefit of this freebie?  ACCA chief executive  travels Club Class even in Europe whilst ordinary business folk go on the Eurostar, a train service from London to the heart of Europe. And who gets the perks from the British Airways Gold Card?

The real problem is that there is no accountability. At the AGMs Presidents do not answer questions. Concerned Council members are silenced by the 'Code of Conduct' or simply thrown out by the 'proxy votes' accumulated by the President. Recently, the 1998/99 Deputy-President had proposals to reign in the Chief Executive, but the 'inner council' removed him from office, just minutes before he was due to become President. The in-house magazine is censored. ACCA chief executive has written to the employers of 'critical' members. She also keeps 'secret' files on critical members.

What kind of professional and ethical example is ACCA setting?