ACCA has made a habit of exploiting students. Year after year students are forced to subsidise the profligacy of ACCA management.

The 1999 accounts show that before the allocation of central overheads ACCA  received the following net income from its students.

                                        1999      1998
                                        £000s    £000s

Certified Diploma                161        250
ACCA Students               4,477     3,396
Technician Qualifications    524        138
                                       5,162     3,784

The above works out at £14,142 every day.

ACCA claims to have more than 170,000 students in 130 countries.  In 1999, only 8,000 passed the final examination. Most will never qualify. Yet they are exploited to finance the grandiose plans of the ACCA management. Without exploitation of students, is the ACCA viable?  Students from poor developing countries are being ruthlessly exploited. Is this ethical?