ACCA has 40,196 members in British Isles

 If the propaganda of the unelected leadership is to be believed, ACCA is the Master of the Universe with huge number of members everywhere. 

However, ACCA management do not provide a geographical composition of the membership. But occasionally, the Stalinist censorship policies slip. After succeeding in centralizing the control of district societies, the management let it be known that questionnaires were sent to 40,196 members ( click here )  in British Isles (England, Scotland, Wales, Channel Island, the Isle of Man). 

The 2001 annual report said that ACCA had 87,000 members worldwide. That means that majority (nearly 47,000) are outside the British Isles. Yet this composition of membership is not reflected in ACCA management, council, staffing, leadership or other structures. As ACCA is no longer a British accountancy body why is it still headquartered in London? Why are AGM's always held in London? Why do all the directors come from the UK? Why is there no library anywhere in the world for members? Why does ACCA not publish information about the composition of its members?

There is no chance of any of the questions being answered as ACCA council is emasculated and members are just fodder to pay fees and give fat cat salaries to management.