ACCA is not prepared to treat Malaysians as equal or give  them autonomy to manage their own affairs. It pulled the plug on their internet discussion forum and sacked key staff, just because they allowed Malaysians to air their concerns and aspirations.

ACCA has now installed a puppet regime in Malaysia. Its mission is to silence Malaysian members and perpetuate colonialism. All the power rests in London. Like some Viceroy of the old, President John Brockwell is on a tour of colonies and shaking hands and nodding head. As part of this hollow gesture, he has invited ACCA members (see below) in Malaysia to a banquet. Not very subtle are you, Mr. Brockwell?

ACCA is setting the global agenda - uhhhmm --- ACCA qualification is not recognized in Canada and the USA. It has just been thrown off the IFAC Council. ACCA structures are undemocratic with the regular rigging of votes for council elections. Such is the racism at ACCA that it has never had a non-white officeholder. Some global agenda, Mr. Brockwell!!

Message from  The President of ACCA UK:  MR. JOHN BROCKWELL
I would like to welcome you all to the installation banquet of ACCA's Sabah Branch.  This is an important step forward in the development of ACCA in this area, in Malaysia and in the region.  I would like also to extend my personal good wishes to the new branch office bearers.
The growth of ACCA in Asia and around the world is a matter of considerable pride for members and students alike.  The last years have seen ACCA take on an even more influential role in Government, business and the public sector.  ACCA has continued to innovate and to lead the field among professional accountancy bodies in groundbreaking initiatives and developments.
Our global syllabus review, including the landmark MORI survey on the future of the financial professional, has laid the foundations for the most progressive and relevant accountancy qualification of the new century.  This exercise has helped to demonstrate to senior directors of
major companies across the world that ACCA is setting the global professional agenda.
John Brockwell