ACCA to Stifle Debate

ACCA's leadership is adept at not answering questions and silencing debate. At the AGM, the President will give the usual self congratulatory speech and the council members will give a regimented applause. Critics won't get much of a look in. Members will be given no more than three minutes each to speak. There is no such time limit in the rulebook, but the leadership does not worry about the rules. There is no guarantee that the president will answer any questions. Of course, he will be hand bagged from the side.

Good meeting have "Any Other Business" (AOB) on the agenda to enable debate. But ACCA does not allow this. On numerous occasions, members have been told that AOB will appear on the agenda, but the leadership has done nothing. It can't be trusted. The full minutes of the AGMs are not published either. Members could research past minutes for calling the leadership to account. But ACCA does not have a library. It continues to violate its royal charter.

The ACCA pretends to be a leader in corporate governance even though its leadership fixes the council election results by casting 20-25% of all the votes. In coming weeks we will tell you more about how ACCA is governed. Past staff of ACCA have been giving AABA an inside account.