On number of occasions AABA has told the world that ACCA's Code of Practice violates the Human Rights Act 1998. Such observations always fall on the deaf ears of the ACCA leadership. A number of individuals (ACCA members, academics, MPs) have also written to Privy council, the Department of Trade and Industry and the Home Office to express their displeasure at the ACCA's Code of Practice.

The ACCA's Code of Practice has been imposed upon individuals who are not even Council members. It 'gags' council members and forces them to go against their conscience and keep quiet about ACCA policies. This violates the Human Rights Act, especially as the ACCA acts as a 'public body'.

Under pressure, ACCA has been forced to revise its Code of Conduct. Council papers (seen by AABA) for the November 25/26 meeting show that under pressure ACCA has agreed to revise its Code of Practice and try to comply with the Human Rights Act. The original resolution at the 2000 AGM that imposed the Code of Practice is not longer valid. So another resolution will be needed. New rulebook will need to be printed.

Huge amount of money has been wasted by the ACCA management because it badly drafted the Code of Practice. Another huge legal bill has been incurred in getting advice for revising the Code of Practice.  Will the ACCA management accept any responsibility for the fiasco? Answers on a postcard please to ACCA.