Would you believe it!! ACCA is hardly the pinnacle of democracy and/or accountability, but it has the audacity to preach the same of others. ACCA is complaining that the the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) is undemocratic (click here). Well, its  claims would have some credibility, if it practiced democracy.

ACCA does not have one-person-one-vote. Its officeholders cast 20-25% of all votes. ACCA Council is appointed rather than appointed. Leadership is not elected by members. Minutes of council meetings are not publicly available.

AGMs are a charade as no real discussion is allowed. ACCA is run on a centralized colonial model where control rests in London even though more than 50% of the members are outside the UK. Only about 8% of the ACCA membership is in public practice (audit and insolvency) yet that tiny proportion dominates Council and policy making.

ACCA runs hate campaigns against reformers in its in-house magazine. The victims are given no right of reply. ACCA magazine rarely published any articles or letters critical of the leadership.

ACCA officials have been known to write to the employers of reformers. Secret files on reformers are kept and they are also threatened with lawsuits.