(Times Highers Eduation Supplement, 24 September 1999)

ACCA has enocuraged people to believe that its deal with the Oxford-Brookers University (OBU) is all signed, sealed and delivered. Under media pressure OBU says see below) that this is not the case.
"In response to recent letters (THES, September 10 and 17) and a Whistleblowers column (THES, September 3) on links between the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants and Oxford Brookes University, I would like to clarify a number of points.

Proposals to award the Brookes degree in Applied accounting to students completing certain parts of ACCA's new professional exam are still under discussion. No final decisions have yet been reached regarding the details of the degree programme.

Oxford Brookes will follow its normal validation procedures to ensure the contents and quality of its courses meet the university's own requirements as well as those of the QAA.

This is not the first link between a professional body and a UK university, but it is probably the largest and as such has the potential to make amajor contribution to widening participation".

Simon Williams, Head, School of Business, OxFord Brookes University