AABA has learnt that ACCA chief executive Anthea Rose has kept KGB style  'secret' files on ordinary members and Council members advocating change . These reveal almost paranoid hysteria.

ACCA chief executive has made a number of briefings to an 'inner council'. She also has a lengthy file on Professor Prem Sikka and has made a number of briefings to senior council members on matters. This file includes matters such as the kind of academic journals he writes in, the philosophers he reads and the research studies that he cites. Has the ACCA chief executive, who received a salary package of £141,000 last year, got nothing better to do with her time?

After one of Anthea Rose's briefings (in April 1996) former Vice-President, Jim Waits, used crude and lewd language to attack Sikka. What inspired him? Following a public outcry, Jim Waits was disciplined and left the Association. Waits argued that his actions  had the support of the ACCA officials.

Despite the disastrous Waits affair, ACCA chief executive continues to keep 'secret' files on reformers. In a bizarre note, she also suggests that ACCA may be taken over  by communists. An insider informed AABA that "It is hardly surprising that ACCA is in a mess, the senior people are engaged in witch hunts rather than looking after the interests of the members".

We will e-mail this news item to ACCA chief executive ( and ask for an explanation of her witch hunts. The bets are that no reply will be forthcoming.

AABA hopes to publish extracts from the 'secret' files.