ACCA's fixers have given the chief executive's job (salary in excess of £160,000) to a chartered accountant. It is an indictment of the ACCA that despite boasting a worldwide membership of some 85,000 ACCA could not find any person qualified and experienced enough to be its chief executive.

The ACCA has given the top job to a chartered accountant. The ICAEW chief executive is also a chartered accountant. There is clearly a message to employers. Don't appoint an ACCA to the top job. As the ACCA is unwilling to appoint an ACCA member to its top job why should anyone else. It seems that the ACCA members are destined to always miss out on the top jobs.

The usual dictatorial policies continue. ACCA members  have no say in the appointment of the chief executive. They will not be asked to vote on the remuneration and the pension package. The ACCA's fixers have failed to devise any performance measurement targets for the chief executive. Ordinary members will pick up all the costs associated with it. ACCA members will not have any chance to question the chief executive at the AGMs.