ACCA President Travels the World at Members' Expense

ACCA Presidents are not directly elected by members. None have had the courage to end the delegated proxy voting system that enables them to cast hundreds of votes. It enables them to appoint their cronies to council.

The pay off is that these cronies keep quiet whilst presidents tour the world. Most  Presidents make at least 16 overseas trips. They travel with spouses in first class flights and stay at  five star hotels. No expense is  spared . The official magazine publishes photos for the family album.

In the age of satellite links presidents don't need to go abroad that often. They are ACCA members, but their spouses are not. Presidentship is just an excuse for family holidays at members' expense. ACCA members are not told of the annual cost of these binges but 'insiders' estimate it to be between £50,000 and £100,000 each year. The details are not published in the annual accounts and members vote is not required to approve the costs.