ACCA EGM  has been Called

Former Council member Anthony Thomas has formally lodged a call for an EGM. The motion calls for an independent reviews of the Association's governance procedures. It is supported by 124 signatures.

In particular, they want to check the powers of the chief executive, Anthea Rose who earns £141,000 per annum. Mrs. Rose is not an ACCA member. She is not elected by members and members have no say in fixing her remuneration.

Anthony Thomas has witnessed, first hand, the hijacking of the ACCA by an unaccountable elite and should be applauded for their courageous act of trying to reform the Association.

In line with its usual practices, the ACCA leadership and bureaucrats will now do their worst to attack people. The Association have wasted millions of pounds on unsuccessful ventures. It has prevented overseas members from filing motions at the AGM. The leadership has also abused the voting processes by preprinting the name of the President on the 'proxy papers'. The specimen form included in the Rulebook does not permit this. The same leadership will not now allow a free debate and desperately try to spread propaganda. The chief executive and the president are currently on a tour of Malaysia, Singapore and Australia. But they have no proposals to democratize the Association.

In an interview Anthony Thomas, informed AABA that he sought a meeting with the President, John Brockwell. But Mr. Brockwell showed no urgency in meeting him. To encourage a frank exchange of views, Anthony Thomas offered to meet the president anywhere in the UK, but his offer of meeting was not taken up. This inevitably left him no choice and he had to honour the mandate given to him by the signatories to the motion and formally call the EGM. Over the last three months, through the UK press coverage the ACCA leadership also knew that Anthony Thomas was organizing the EGM, but the ACCA leadership made no effort to contact him. This is another example of an arrogant leadership too comfortable in its ways.

Isn't it time that ACCA members reformed the Association?