How many recent ACCA Presidents can you name? How many introduced any worthwhile reforms to make ACCA open, democratic, or accountable?

The above traditions continue. The new ACCA President is Jonathan Beckerlegge, a partner in CGA Accountancy in York.  He is not elected by members and has no mandate to lead the Association. But at the Association, its real controllers don't want anyone with any ideas and independence.

What is Mr. Beckerlegge known for? Great oratory, foresight, leadership, decision making, political links, educational developments, securing services for ACCA members, or anything else. None of it actually. Fellow ACCA council members have nicknamed him 'splinter bottom', on account of his tendency to be indecisive and sit-on-the-fence on major issues.

Mr. Beckerlegge led the ACCA campaign to retain small company audits in the UK, at a cost of some £200,000. The campaign failed disastrously. The government raised the small company audit threshold and is set to raise it again. As a result, very few ACCA members would be able to conduct company audits. Mr. Beckerlegge did not explain the reasons for his failures. Expect the same traditions to continue.