How does the ACCA democracy compare with other UK-based accountancy bodies?

To prevent members from asking searching questions, the ACCA leadership holds the AGMs on a Thursday in May in London. In contrast, the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) holds its AGMs on a Saturday.

ACCA election candidates are only permitted 180 words for their election statement. CIMA allows 300 words.

ACCA council remains dominated by the UK members. CIMA operates a constituency system. Thus overseas members have a chance of call their representative to account. ACCA members can't though they receive Viceroy-like visits from chief executive and the officeholders.

To prevent dialogue ACCA does not have "Any Other Business" on its AGM agenda. CIMA permits it.

ACCA operates a Code of Practice that seeks to silence its council members. No other accountancy body has such a Code of Practice.

ACCA officials have unilaterally changed the election statements issued by council election candidates. There is no record of CIMA ever having done that.

So will ACCA leadership ever democratize without public pressure and ridicule - Not likely.