24 Candidates Contest 12 Council Seats

AABA can exclusively reveal that 24 candidates are to contest 12 seats for the ACCA council. The candidates include Anthony Thomas, Prem Sikka and former Deputy-President Ray Gardiner. The AGM will take place on 4th May 2000.

The candidates also include two from Singapore. Will they get their reward for helping the ACCA leadership with the EGM?

The ACCA's controllers are already busy with their 'dirty tricks'. They are preventing Prem Sikka from publishing his election address (Click here to read it).

ACCA officials are making up the 'gagging rules' as they go along. None of these rules form any part of any announcement in the ACCA magazine. They do not form any part of any package sent to election candidates. Sikka has asked for copies of the alleged council minutes which state that candidates cannot include web site address in their election address. On behalf of ACCA, Michael Sleigh claims that ACCA has obtained a legal opinion to the effect that web site addresses cannot be published. This for an organization which claims to be using IT to communicate with members!! Sikka has asked for a copy of this legal opinion.

So far, Sikka has not received a copy of the alleged council minutes and/or  the legal opinion. Why is the ACCA reluctant to provide copies of the alleged documents to its members?